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As a child of the late 80s and early 90s I grew up watching cartoons not only on Saturdays but also when I got home from school. It was during this time that I also noticed I had a curious "gift" (I use the term lightly) for coming up with solutions to problems and thinking up new ideas. I guess my brain just never picked up on what was foolish or not, and with that out of the way I'm free to come up with a few good ideas and a lot of tripe.

In '90 Disney's Tail Spin was big and because of it I learnt to take myself a bit less seriously. As any budding male pre-teen will tell you, having a fleet of mini jet airplanes adults couldn't fly, just for kids, sounds like a fantastic idea. So did the creators of Tail Spin. I was gobsmacked. I couldn't believe they'd lifted my idea. Reality soon set in and I went about my business, but I learnt a few things from that:

  1. at the least, some of my ideas might one day make fantastic plots in cartoons, and
  2. perhaps I had a good thing going here.

Flash forward 15 years. "A new understanding of humanity..." had just hit me and it was suddenly dawning on me why I couldn't hang onto a hobby for more than a month: these ideas kept distracting me. I'd get one and be completely fascinated by it and think I was going to change the world for about as long as it took me to become completely fascinated with the next one, which in my brain is roughly every day. Of course, all of this tends to get a bit distracting after a bit, so I often felt like a cat running round the living room, fire in it's eyes, for no purpose what so ever. My career and finances certainly resembled it too.

Having realized all of this, I resolved to take all of these thoughts and, rather than dedicate myself to them, put them up here to be found by folks that might actually work in the appropriate fields and find them useful. My hope is that they do just that, or at the least stir someone's imagination in a new and rewarding direction. My gain by doing this is saving money, which I greatly look forward to, and having more time in my life for the truly important things like my family and career.

So please enjoy your stay and feel free to use anything you like. If something comes of it I'd love a note telling me as much, but please don't feel obliged.

- Jason

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